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Magnification or Overshadowing
Acting Technique

Psalms 55:12
As a recent college graduate with Honors in Theatre, I am experimenting with the outstanding Magnification and Overshadowing acting techniques at no charge.  As soon as "Paypal" is set up, I might charge
$100/half hour?
Juez de Paz
Magnification and overshadowing help to rid your special events of evil spirits or negative thinking.  If you don't want any evil sprits swearing during your special event, EMAIL: to schedule an appointment to ensure your special event is spiritually blessed and protected.

Hi!  My name is Andrea Calabrese.  I have been mastering the Theatre Arts of the mind like the work of ancient chinese acrobats since I was three years old.  I have trained and studied at 34 different schools across the US.  Most recently, I graduated with a college degree in Theatre Arts with Honors from Santa Monica College (Dustin Hoffman's acting school). 

I also achieved Dean's Honor List with the same school Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman have been known to attend.  I believe Padre Nuestro (God) has BLESSED me with the abilities to be one of the Best Actresses in the world.  It is my Grandmother's (named Shirley after Shirley Temple) last dying wish that I come to Hollywood to win an Academy Award for Best Actress.

I have nine awards in television and multiple academic excellence awards, trophies and Honors, including straight A's (that I worked very hard to get) on my current college transcripts.  Please see my recent outstanding theatrical photographs at:

If you feel that your special day might be interrupted by evil thinking or swear words, EMAIL: besthollywoodprofessionals@gmail.comto schedule an appointment for overshadowing and magnification.  I can do monologues, prayers, or songs to overshadow negative thoughts and evil spirits with positive thinking.

Please know that I am not required to be present, but if you would like to schedule an appointment to ensure good thinking that overshadows evil spirits during your special holiday or event, please EMAIL:, and I will do my absolute best to act like one of the Best Actresses in the world: in voice, in heart, in mind, in spirit and in
outstanding acting ability.

My portfolio: portfolio.html