Knowledge From Beyond
Written by
Andrea Calabrese
10/98  San Francisco, CA
'Ode to Film

Welcome.  The following forum was born of a ten year film study.  Its purpose is to give and to gain greater insight and perspective, for everyone to learn from.

If you would like, select your favorites and add a few comments as to why you think those are the greatest works of all time, within and of, the parallel
reality of film.  I have also added a suggestion box at the end, so that if you know of any masterworks or master artists that should be included here, but that I have not included as of yet, please know that any suggestions, comments, or questions are welcome.


Since it is difficult to pinpoint the exact present, (knowing the reality of time--defined as: precession of the earth, kept in
rotation/force, by the gravitational pull of the sun,) in exact numbers, (realizing there just might possibly be 'no such thing' as
the exact present), I have found that it is also difficult to pinpoint the exact present in words, as well.  For example, try
dissecting one precise second, and see what you get.  Meaning, the closet I am able to describe the exact present, is a
mere, "passing over."

Time is caused to exist by the forces of torque--the wobble which is caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and of the
moon on the earth's equatorial bulges (oceans), causing the poles to move around the center point axis.  Due to this cause and effect process (of the precession of the earth), that which exists on earth is formed, causing the effect of life.

Time is difficult to pinpoint in numbers because it is a measure of the earth's spins (caused by the balance of the torque's
force of rotation--which is the effect exhibited by a spinning body, as a top, occurring when an applied force tends to
change the direction of its rotational axis causing the access to generally describe a cone and to turn at right angles in the
direction of the torque), and the result of the chemical compound mixtures formed are THE EFFECTS OF LIFE ON

As we begin to further understand CREATION, we are to realize then how combustion of the chemical elements and
compound mixtures form life on earth due merely to the precession of the earth.  We are then able to understand how time
is infinite in/of its infiniteness of/in exact numbers, realizing then that there is 'no such thing' as the exact present (future-past, future-past, future-past), because the earth doesn't stop spinning.

To explain, try, for a moment, to pinpoint the exact present.  To do so, one would have to first pinpoint an exact second.   Try dissecting 'one second' and see for yourself, the infiniteness in exact numbers.  Not only is it difficult to pinpoint the exact present in numbers, but therefore, it is also difficult to pinpoint the exact present, in words, as well.  Again, with a greater understanding, the closet I am able to describe the exact present, is a mere, "passing over."

Any professional in the industry might find the humor in this in knowing the reality--that you could lose your job for being one second over the 29.5 minutes of airtime that you are allowed to work with.  This is especially difficult when your response time is dependent upon the response time of so many others.  (This could be especially critical for you to do your job correctly, if you are depending upon the response time of an alcoholic, for example.)

The Significance?  Does this mean that one photograph contains many milliseconds?  Yes, one still photograph is capable of capturing apx. three minutes to 1/8000 of one second in one picture.

Therefore, because I have been studying film for over ten years, I realize that the time reflected--in and of reality, within and of--the parallel universe/reality of film, (which records current time to be reflected in a continuation of history) is all about future/past relationships, and the recording of them. The films, having been recorded, show the people how the power of cause and effect--evolve/has evolved, change/has changed, reflect/has reflected, and then shown more results--in how the use of film has been the cause and effect for the further production of our mass consumer societies.  It also shows what the results have been for the further development of our social and national consciousness's.

It has been stated this way because we are talking about a hundred years of film--in pre-production, production, and post-production, which brings us to today--here, on the world wide web, where many people are working together, from many countries.


From the first hand painted frames in the 1920's as seen in
The Red Spectre, to digitally animated films created with animated art, and cartoon animation as seen in Toy Story (where animated art/computer generated photographs and cartoon animation/drawings are painted with pixels to fit to the screen), the forms of creation have expanded to include many new ways of applying knowledge into practice.

A greater intellectual awareness, an imagination mixed with many cultures, religions/philosophies, and beliefs is exactly what is needed to turn/create illusion into/from reality.  This brings us to the end results, of which are, the products of our imagination.

This is especially important when referring to the meaning of what the results have been, in and of, how motion pictures (and other forms of communication/expression/reflection) have had cause and effect for so much more in and of our societies.

The power of cause and effect has had meaning and influence upon everything from D.W. Griffith's
Birth of a Nation and the K.K.K. in the early 1900's, to the advancement of further production in science and technology by the selling of: appliances, dishwashers and clothing irons (to make life easier), through the use of the motion pictures in the 1950's.

Throughout history, films have been used as 'display windows' to reflect not only what has been developed by the scientists for further production in/of a mass consumer society, but also, on the other hand, films have been used to reflect the artist's ideas--and in return, have then been the cause for the effect of not only what has been reflected in society, but of what has also been the cause for the development of so much more.  Meaning, from Melies'
Trip to the Moon in the 1920's, to the open easels of the 1950's and 60's, the ideas of: the artists, the filmmakers and the writers have developed scientific frameworks--that have then laid the ground work for scientists--to then prove the concepts, ideas, and or hypotheses of the artists imagination correct, for the idea to then become known as what we now know as scientific fact.

This should help you, the reader, better understand why I have categorized the artists by those who have reflected history, in and of the past, and those we hope to see, to hear, and continue to reflect their beautiful perspective's of what is happening today, what happened yesterday and what is to happen tomorrow.

So here you have it, a brief description and synopsis of the best of film. One giant reflection of the filmmakers who have taught and brought us here today. Those of which we have loved and those that we are fortunate enough to continue to hear, and to learn from.

As long as communication is kept open and honest, the people will continue to be allowed to hear and to learn, of the reflection of the times, as it happens. The people, then, will continue to be allowed to hear from the great artists, the great thinkers, and all of the beautiful people that exist--in and of, the reflections of the creation of God's time, and of other of God's beautiful masterwork(s).As long as the communication is allowed to occur between the artists and the people, we will all continue to be fortunate enough to continue to learn from, be inspired by, entertained, and informed by, all that which each of us has learned and experienced, for a better future, for all of us.

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