Background Work & Supporting Roles
for Andrea Calabrese
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November 2005
December 2005
January 2006
"The Unit" playing "Unit Widow" in episode: "Exposure" (episode #10)
Starring Robert Patrick (the scary cop that turns into liquid on Terminator 2)
and Dennis Haysbert (Major Lincoln in Jarhead)
11/11/2005  Scheduled to air: 05/09/2006 10pm PT, CBS
"The Unit" playing "Bank Employee" in episode: "Morale, Welfare, and Recreation" (episode #11)
Starring Robert Patrick, Dennis Haysbert, and Demore Barnes
12/02/2005  Scheduled to air: 05/16/2006 9pm PT, CBS
"The Unit" playing "Waitstaff" in episode: "The Wall" (episode #12 Season Finale)
Starring Bob Patrick, Dennis Haysbert, Demores Barnes, Max Martini, Michael Irby
12/14/2005  Scheduled to air: 05/16/2006 10pm PT, CBS
Directed by David Mamet
This is going to be a tremendously great show!  David Mamet is a creative genius--a truly excellent
director.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your production.
The Price Is Right, CBS, audience member
HEY EVERYONE!  Want to see me on TV?  Watch "The Price is Right" on February 10th, 2006 on CBS.
We are in the second and third rows!  We had a blast and one of my friends won $100!  (You can't miss
me.  I'm the girl wearing red and purple-in the second row-on the left side of the stage.  I have long blonde
hair and I'm waving and shouting, "Hi, Mom!")  We dressed up with giant candy hearts that said, "I have a
heart on for Bob," but we weren't allowed to wear them in.  I am wearing a big red heart on a purple shirt.  
Taped on 01/25/2006
March 2006
LACITY, Channel 35, City Council Agenda
We supported Item #16 on the City Council agenda taped live on March 17th, 2006.  We are hoping this will
lead to negotiations for the allowance of a second airport day-per week, per Taxicab.  Thanks for the
August 2006
"SHARK" playing "Homocide Detective"
Starring James Woods
Director: Rod
Central Casting has informed me that I am only allowed to work on one episode of "Shark."  I believe the
episode I worked on was called, "LAPD Blue," but not quite sure exactly.

Jimmy, I think you are one of the greatest actors in the history of film.  I truly hope that we will work
together on future projects.  Love, Andrea

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